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About Us

Tinar is a young Indian brand consulting, digital marketing, and design agency with multiple offices around the country. Our India offices are located in Jaipur and Delhi.

Tinar satisfies the growing desire of startups and companies to reach out to consumers in a cost-effective and consistent manner.

Our Mission

To use Branding, Digital/eCommerce, and Design capabilities to help Startups and Brands satisfy the needs of their customers while also developing world-class talents and competencies. Our strategy focuses on assisting clients in improving their operational performance, delivering products and services more effectively and efficiently, and expanding their operations into new markets.


Values we Cherish

  • Integrity
  • Value Creation
  • Customer Focus
  • Knowledge
  • Change
  • Fulfillment
  • Principled Entrepreneurship

Our Team

Each of our experts holds a degree in their industry and has practical experience. Our strategic approach relies on this synergy of practice and theory.


What We Do

We work with our customers and their teams at Tinar Consulting to help them strengthen their digital marketing, eCommerce, and brand management capabilities so that they may become more consumer-centric. We leverage consumer and market intelligence to establish brand strategy, which we then implement with the support of digital marketing, eCommerce, and creative capabilities to give you a head start.

In order to create value for your businesses, we mix research, analytics, and creative to gain a clear and detailed understanding of unmet consumer demands and opportunities linked with brands, customers, and markets.

What makes Tinar Unique?

Make the most of our experience. Build your online brand equity and business. Bring your marketing and business concepts to life and convert them into a lucrative and growing company!

  • Years of experience in the field of business as a leader.

  • Consumer Insight-Based Marketing Strategy

  • Customer Focus

  • The Importance of Branding in Our Lives.

  • Our eCommerce Capabilities Are Fully Managed.

  • This is what distinguishes us as one of India's best marketing firms.